Newspaper: Malloy leads CT to a “more poisonous business climate”

In a blistering editorial on CT Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s policies, the Waterbury-based Republican American newspaper contrasted the leadership of Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin and the current Connecticut governor.  Walker became the first governor in the USA’s history to win a recall vote, after challenging the public employee unions in that state to make concessions.  Unions countered with an unsuccessful recall vote, as Walker won big in Tuesday’s election.

Republican American takes on Malloy

In contrasting how Walker eliminated his state’s $3.0 billion deficit by cutting spending and taxes, which has led to a surplus and lower unemployment, the newspaper challenged Malloy to do the same writing: “Maybe it’s time for Gov. Malloy to rethink the course that has left Connecticut with a credit-rating downgrade, a perpetual fiscal crisis and an even more poisonous business climate.”

Malloy criticized Walker

Last winter, when Walker was under assault from the Wisconsin unions, Malloy was quick to attend a union-supported rally in Connecticut, to contrast himself with the fiscal conservative from the Midwest.  In a story in the Killingworth-Durham-Middlefield Patch, covering the Feb. 25, 2011 Hartford rally, it was written: “The most unexpected appearance of the day was that of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, who was not on the original list of speakers but kicked off the rally with a few brief comments.”

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