Governor Malloy’s phony statements

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy cannot spend a day out of the limelight.  It is a particularly bad time for him, when the General Assembly is not in session.  It means less coverage.  But he keeps on plugging, with photo-ops, appearances across the state, doling out grant money, all to make the 6:00 news.  Friday was no exception.  As part of a concerted Democratic Party effort to get Congress to pass a highway bill, Malloy was among those blaming House Republicans for playing politics, by holding up the highway bill to hurt the economy and President Obama’s chances for reelection.  Democrats repeated the script across the country today.

I thought we had a highway bill?

I thought the first Obama stimulus package was going to fix our bridges and highways?  Or was it the second?  Do a Google search and you will find this oft-repeated mantra by Democrats for years now.  “We need a highway bill. Republicans are holding up the process to hurt Obama’s reelection chances.”  Blah! Blah! Blah!  Where was the highway bill when the Democrats controlled the entire Congress?

In reality, although Democrats talked highways and byways, that first Obama stimulus was designed to preserve government jobs at the state and municipal levels to ensure reelection of Democrats in the midterm elections.  The hope was the economy would turn around by then and all would be well with the world.  Guess what?  It didn’t happen.  Funding ran out for those jobs, layoffs ensued, and the highways we were told would be repaired are now in full disrepair.

Malloy just as political

Meanwhile, Dannel 88 was in full political mode today, saying “we have many projects in the pipeline,” if only the federal money was there to pay for it.  Then he took aim at House Republicans for putting the brakes to funding.   What a phony statement.   The state has tens of millions of dollars already, to make bridge and highway repairs, but Malloy and his liberal cronies decided to waste it on the much criticized Hartford to New Britain busway.  Err…excuse me…CT fastrak.

The governor does not need a vote from Congress to fix Connecticut’s highways.  Those so called “projects in the pipeline” could be started right now, with money earmarked for that ludicrous $600 million busway.  Or does he need to bond more money for capital projects to keep the general fund afloat?

The governor should quit playing politics with the taxpayers’ money.  The people of Connecticut don’t deserve his kind of rhetoric. 

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