SLEAZY CONNECTICUT DEMOCRATS; Ignore Laws, Constitution And Supreme Court During Special Legislative Session

Democrats, who control the Connecticut General Assembly in overwhelming numbers, used their power to put a stranglehold on the Connecticut Constitution Tuesday and early Wednesday morning.  Meeting in the so called implementer session, to deal with budget issues – one month after the regular session ended- the General Assembly went beyond budget issues, leading Senate Minority Leader John McKinney to proclaim, “the legislature is under a dark cloud.”  With Democrats voting for and Republicans against, here is some of what happened Tuesday, which should give pause for concern…

  • Imposed a new tax on roll-your-own-tobacco shops
  • Changed the date on when budget revenue estimates are to be announced from October to November, after the election.  Connecticut continues to operate in the red, following the largest tax hike in state history
  • Violated the CT Supreme Court ruling, which states Connecticut must keep a minimum number of state troopers at 1,248, by overturning the law without a hearing.
  • Gives Bridgeport a $3.5 million loan, but the state education commissioner must have a role in picking Bridgeport’s next school superintendent.  This comes, after the  CT Supreme Court ruled the state had no right to take over the Bridgeport Board of Education.

This is what happens, when you have one party rule.  For years, we thought the Democrats’ patron saints were FDR and JFK.  Who knew it was really Joseph Stalin.

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