Some how Lowell Weicker still thinks he is relevant.   So there he was the other day in Hartford, being his usual pontificating self; saying Obama deserves to be re-elected; throwing the Republican Party under the bus, supporting Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s income tax hike and every other failed theory that makes him a liberal, or tired, eastern establishment Republican, who did everything to ruin the party in the 1960’s.  But the largest laugh belongs to his income tax statement.

When talking about Malloy’s tax hike, Weicker proudly stated “I created the income tax to deal with a $1 billion deficit.  He inherited a deficit of over $3 billion.”

Here are a couple of things on which to munch, Mr. Weicker.  Since you created the income tax, after promising the people of Connecticut you would not support one, during your gubernatorial campaign…here is what has happened to the state…

  1. Net zero job growth
  2. State spending has more than doubled
  3. Taxes continue to rise
  4. State government has expanded
  5. The state’s demographics continue to age
  6. We are not a business friendly state
  7. The state has repeated deficits
  8. Our bonding indebtedness is first in the nation

And that doesn’t count the other 50 or so items that have spiraled Connecticut into oblivion, since the income tax came into being 21 years ago.  So thanks Lowell for taking credit for the income tax you promised us you would not support.  I’m glad somebody is shouldering the blame.

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