AP, Mainstream Media, Have Vested Interest In Getting Obama Reelected

Where was this poll, when George W. Bush was running for reelection in 2004?  Or in 2008, when it was McCain vs. Obama?  We were constantly reminded by the mainstream media about the economy, under a Republican president.  The economy could make or break a candidate or incumbent’s election chances, we were told.  As gasoline prices skyrocketed, we were hit with a barrage of information, always reminding us who the president was.  We were inundated with polls about the economy, told of the president’s economic policies, informed on how bad the economy was, etc. etc.

Now, because President Barack Obama’s economic policies have been a bust, AP decides to do a poll on whether the public believes a president can “alter” a nation’s economic course? And we are to believe that half of those surveyed think a president has little effect on the economy?  Don’t believe it for a minute.  The mainstream media wants to get the country’s eye off the economy, because the president’s policy’s have been a bust.  Remember, as one other president once told us, “It’s the economy! Stupid!” No matter what vested interest the mainstream media has in keeping their guy in power.

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