Tough Times for Malloy, As He Suggests Republicans Are Unpatriotic

These are tough times for the governor of Connecticut.  No, not because Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s state is drowning in debt, following the largest tax hike in Connecticut history, which he pursued with more vigor than a New York prosecutor.  No, not because the latest CNBC survey shows Connecticut dropping from 39 to 44 among the worst states in which to do business.  No, not because United Technologies is moving a headquarter’s division out of Connecticut.  No, not because he is at war with the CT State Police Union, after backpedaling on a campaign promise, one of many he’s broken, by the way.  No, not because the General Assembly is not in session so he cannot wreak more havoc on Connecticut with his wreckless policies.  No, these are tough times for Gov. Malloy, a.k.a. Dannel ’88, because he just cannot be the center of attention these days.  But he’s trying.

Malloy craves the spotlight.  Needs the attention.  Cannot live without it.  Day after day, he is on the news, manufacturing some sort of appearance.  The goal is to make the 6 and 11 newscasts daily.  Weekends, if possible.  Drink wine, eat a hot dog, cut a ribbon, march in a parade, travel around the state, the country and the world, at taxpayers’ expense, all to keep the spotlight on him.  That is why these are tough times.  It’s the political primary season, and the focus is not on Dannel 88.  The presidential campaign is heating up, so the focus is not on Dannel 88.  Therefore, keep the fires stoked by manufacturing news.

Friday, Malloy’s rhetoric reached an all time low, when he suggested Republicans are unpatriotic for opposing Obamacare.  At the National Governors Association meeting in Williamsburg, VA, his second trip out of Connecticut this week, he said the Republicans are opposing Obama on every turn, just so they could get a Republican elected President.  He said the GOP opposed the jobs bill, opposed the president’s health care reform just because they want a Republican as President.  (By the way, the Republicans and Democrats reached agreement on a jobs bill, but Dannel 88 has never been known to let the facts get in the way of a good story.)  And what price should the Republicans pay for these positions?  “In other times taking those positions would be described as unpatriotic, but our politics have become so distorted that to be against a jobs bill is a good thing, and to be against health reform is a good thing,” Malloy said.

Imagine that?  Republicans wanting to get a Republican elected president.  We all know Dannel’s Democrats took the high road in 2008 and are doing so again this year.  You remember, don’t you, how loud the Democrats were screaming about high gasoline prices under Bush?  They were doing the same under Obama, weren’t they?  And we all know how hard Dannel 88 fought against using taxpayers’ money to pay for renovations at the Connecticut Communist Party headquarters in New Haven.   Can’t get any more patriotic than that.

Yes, these are tough days for the governor from Connecticut.  He craves the spot light, like a smoker craves another cigarette, so let’s really elevate the discourse and label the Republicans unpatriotic for daring to voice their opinion.  That’s Connecticut’s governor, governor of all the people, unless, of course, you are a Republican.

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