Rosa: Unemployment Rate Worse Than 8.2 Percent

CT Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro acknowledged in a C-Span interview Tuesday, the nation’s jobless rate is worse than 8.2 percent. She said that is one of the reasons participation in the food stamp program has increased.  “Let’s just say this,” DeLauro said during a Thursday CSPAN interview, when presented with a Bloomberg Government graph showing millions more people on food stamps even as unemployment decreased from Oct. 2009-Dec. 2011. “When we talk about the unemployment numbers, unemployment is 8.2 percent. That’s not including the people who have stopped looking for jobs. So, we’re looking at — probably — it’s a higher number given that the number of people who have stopped looking for a job can’t find a job, people who have been unemployed for a year or two years, who are unable to find jobs.”

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