14 Illegal Immigrants Killed in Texas. Where’s the National Debate?

We can all agree, the tragedy at the Aurora, Colo. cinema on Friday, will remain seared in our memories forever.  The media continues to report on the story, daily.  It still makes many radio top and bottom hour newscasts.  Outside of the Internet, and maybe a mention in the main stream media, have you heard much about the 14 illegal immigrants killed in Texas Sunday night?   Will President Obama visit the families?

“It’s the worst single-vehicle wreck I’ve worked in my 40 years in the funeral business,” Adrian Fulton told Fox News.

The crash occurred 150 miles northeast of the Mexican border.  The Ford F250 was carrying 23 illegal immigrants from Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala, when it left the road and crashed into trees.  Several survivors have life threatening injuries.  We are told the Federal government is investigating whether this was part of a human smuggling operation.

The idea is not to compare tragedies, but the crash in Texas Sunday night, is as tragic as the bizarre shootings in Colorado on Friday night.  How much coverage will the mainstream media give it?  In my morning newspaper, for a fourth straight day, the Aurora, Colo. shootings was the lead story.  The Texas tragedy was relegated to a couple of paragraphs inside the paper.  It may be the only time the story merits even that amount of ink.

The crash in Texas, should bring about as much of a national debate on illegal immigration, as the shootings in Colorado have on gun control.  Sadly, in this politically charged election year, I doubt that will happen.  I hope I’m wrong. 

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