UConn/Courant Poll Slanted Obama’s Way. Media Trying To Dictate Agenda.

Is the UConn/Courant poll kidding?  We’re supposed to believe that the incumbent, President Barack Obama, has a 21 point edge over Republican Mitt Romney in Connecticut?   I know the Nutmeg State is blue, but please.  The numbers released today show Obama at 53% and Romney with 32%.  We are also told that 21% of those who call themselves conservatives would vote for Obama.  Sure.  And the Red Sox are going to win the pennant.

Here’s what the UConn/Courant doesn’t tell you.  They surveyed far more Democrats than Republicans or unaffiliated voters, even though unaffiliated voters make up the largest voting bloc in Connecticut.   The poll “experts” tell us they don’t expect as many unaffiliated or independents to turn out and vote.  Nonsense.  This is their way of attempting to sway the election Obama’s way, their way of controlling the agenda.

Maybe UConn/Courant ought to take another poll today, now that word is out Connecticut’s unemployment rate jumped to nine percent, the biggest increase in 36 years.

We’re told by Gallup many Americans are turned off  by Romney’s “47 percent” comment.  And you’re telling me they’re not turned off by nine percent unemployment?  I don’t believe it. The economy is interfering with the mainstream media’s narrative and they don’t like it.  So they’ll continue to harp on Romney’s comments.  The story will ring hollow to those standing on the unemployment line.

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