Lovallo: Esty Campaign Engaged In Gutter Politics

I figured Elizabeth Esty for better, even though I disagree with her political philosophy, but apparently like others in this politically-charged season she has chosen to take her campaign against Republican Andrew Roraback into the gutter.  How else to explain the Democratic candidate for congress in Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District?  She has gone beyond the usual rhetoric we expect from candidates and is using outright lies to ascribe positions to Roraback  and the Republican party.

In her appearance before the Northwest Connecticut Chamber of Commerce, Tuesday, Esty said Roraback “wants to extend federal tax cuts for the wealthy.” This is the usual left-wing talking point.  They never tell you that to eliminate those tax cuts wouldn’t help the federal deficit one iota.  Roraback’s position on tax cuts is to keep the current income tax rates and payroll tax reductions in place for one year, while overhauling the entire tax code.  In other words, he is not just for “extending federal tax cuts for the wealthy.”

Wrongly Ties Roraback To Tea Party

Esty refuses to condemn an ad run by her party that ties Roraback to the Tea Party.  Wrong again.  Roraback is anything but a Tea Party candidate and did not receive that group’s backing in the August primary. Her campaign is also running ads claiming Roraback has cut Social Security.   Wrong again.  How could Roraback even be in a position to vote on Social Security, when he has served in the Connecticut legislature for the last 18 years?

Shows Ignorance On Social Security

In her appearance before the Chamber, Esty also pulled out another tired Democrat talking point, one the party has used since Ronald Reagan was President; Social Security.  She said she would oppose any effort to move the full retirement age, which stands at 65 for people born before 1938 and 67 for those born afterwards.  Even level headed Democrats – see Erskine Bowles – understand the need for Social Security reform or the system is going to go belly-up.  No one, not even the Republicans, are calling for the elimination of  Social Security.

Lies About Romney’s Taxes 

Esty also told the Chamber crowd that some members paid more in taxes than a current candidate for President.  Although not mentioning Romney by name, the reference was obvious.  The fact is, Romney paid millions in taxes last year, he just didn’t pay income taxes, as he did not draw an income.  Even the tax rate claim is under question.  Fox News uses IRS data to show Romney’s rate is actually higher.

Esty’s husband is the Commissioner of Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.  If this were the real world, he would have fined his wife for the political pollution she has emitted in her out-of-line verbiage.   Even the Register Citizen is taking her to task for “deceptive smears.”   The voters of Connecticut deserve an elevated discourse, not the type of conversation to which Esty has subscribed.Elizabeth Esty

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