Take That Dannel! New Jersey Loves Christie.

Ever since he assumed office in a disputed election as Connecticut’s governor, Dannel P. Malloy, D-WFP,  has painted himself as the anti-Chris Christie, unleashing numerous battles with the Republican governor of New Jersey.  Malloy has raised taxes and picked winners and losers in Connecticut business, as unemployment has soared to nine percent and a deficit persists.  However, he never misses a chance to criticize Christie, even launching forays into the Garden State for fundraisers.  Meanwhile, Malloy, in deep blue Connecticut, has seen his poll ratings sink, with an approval rate in the 30s.

Christie Scores High

On the other hand,  one of Malloy’s favorite whipping posts, Christie, continues to enjoy high approval ratings and would win re-election, according to the latest Quinnipiac Poll.  Out Wednesday, the poll shows Christie’s approval rating is up to 56 percent from 53 percent in September and by a 52-40 margin, voters say he deserves re-election.  Christie has cut taxes and spending in New Jersey, although unemployment hovers near 10 percent.

Voters Budget Conscious

The survey does show voters are concerned about the state budget.  By 52-39 percent, they support a Democratic plan to delay tax cuts, until it’s determined enough revenue is pouring into state coffers.

Gov. Christie
Gov. Christie

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