Will Hurricane Sandy Help Obama? Not Unless It Veers Toward Ohio.

By all numbers, President Barack Obama is slipping in the polls.  Momentum seems to be on the side of Republican challenger Mitt Romney.  So the political animal in me asks, is Hurricane Sandy the “Hail Mary” pass Obama needs to rescue his re-election campaign?  My sense is, not unless it veers toward Ohio.  If anything, it could even hurt the President.

Storm To Strike East Coast

Most computer models have the storm landing somewhere on the populated East Coast.  At another time, that might be good news for the president, as he could take charge of the situation and really look like a leader.  No one wants to act like George W. Bush the day Katrina struck Louisiana.  The more face time a president can get, during a hurricane, appearing in charge, the better he looks before the country.  But would that help Obama and his flagging poll numbers this time around?

Blue States In Storm’s Path

Obama won’t be getting any help from states where Sandy is expected to land.  He’s a  lock to win those states already.  By all accounts, he needs to be campaigning in Ohio, Nevada, Colorado, Wisconsin and New Hampshire.  Maybe even Pennsylvania.  But how would that look?  The East Coast is drowning and Obama is asking for votes in Ohio?

Precarious Path For Mitt Too

The storm doesn’t get Romney off the hook either.  When disaster strikes, it doesn’t look good if the president is sincerely trying and his opponent is out there clobbering him over the head with everything but the weather map.  Therefore, my sense is, this entire Sandy thing is a pain-in-the-asteroid for both candidates.  I am sure if they had it their way, they would both rather the hurricane blow out to sea.  Hurricane Sandy

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