I Thought Obama, Esty And Murphy Said Tea Party And House GOP Were Obstructionist And ‘Right Wing?’

President Barack Obama, Connecticut Congressional candidate Elizabeth Esty,  Connecticut U.S. Senate candidate Chris Murphy and other left-wing candidates have made it a point, during this contentious campaign season, to emphasize that a vote for Republicans is a vote for the “extreme right-wing.”    In Connecticut, the left has repeatedly reminded us that Republicans and the Tea Party are joined at the hip.  And don’t forget how many times we’ve been told “Washington needs to adopt a more bi-partisan tone.” Chris Murphy It would seem then, their new TV ads are disingenuous, wouldn’t it?

Ads Praising Candidates

In the latest Murphy ads, we are reminded by young and old how he has helped to lower student loans, saved Social Security and secured money for infrastructure improvements, among other things.

Joe Courtney, a Democrat running for re-election to Congress in the Second District, we are told in another ad, has also made it affordable to go to college and saved the sub base in Groton.

How Could This Be?

Well, how could Murphy and Courtney be so successful, if those nasty, right-wing Republicans in Congress have been so obstructionist?

Just asking.

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