Shhh! A Vote For Esty Is A Vote For Pelosi

In campaign appearances and in their 5th District Congressional debates, Connecticut Democrat Elizabeth Esty has always reminded her audience, that a vote for her opponent, Republican Andrew Roraback, would be “a vote for John Boehner and the extreme right-wing.”   Why Roraback has refused to turn the tables and say “a vote for Esty is a vote for Nancy Pelosi and the extreme left-wing” is beyond me.  Pelosi is probably more of a lightning-rod figure than Boehner, even in deep-blue Connecticut.  Maybe it’s just Roraback trying to conduct an above board campaign, compared to Esty running one negative ad after another, accusing Roraback  of everything wrong with the world except causing Hurricane Sandy.  (That’s next week’s ad.)

Pelosi In Connecticut

But if Roraback, or for that matter, the people of Connecticut needed any reminders about Pelosi’s polarizing presence, Wednesday was it.  If not for the Republican American newspaper, we may not have known that Pelosi slipped in and out of Connecticut, faster than the stealth bomber.  There she was, apparently, at a fundraiser for Esty.  No mention about it from the Esty campaign.  No advance publicity, like Bill Clinton’s visit for Chris Murphy.  Nothing.  Not a word.  Not even a mention from the liberal Hartford Courant and the paper’s incessant political blogs, which always laud a Pelosi appearance in the Nutmeg State. For that matter, the Esty campaign had to be prodded, before finally admitting that Pelosi came to town and “Esty was happy for the support.”

So Much For Transparency

Why so secretive?  I thought Esty had vowed to be transparent and independent?  Maybe it is a true.  A vote for Elizabeth Esty is a vote for Nancy Pelosi.Nancy Pelosi

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