Even In Storm, Malloy’s Political Animal Emerges

I’ll give Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy his due, as far as managing the government’s infrastructure, during and after Hurricane Sandy.  He has become a veteran at it, as he constantly reminds the media, during interviews and news conferences.  Storms of these magnitude give any governor a chance to shine in the spotlight, and nobody enjoys the bright lights, more than Malloy.  He makes U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal look like a wallflower by comparison.

Works In Chris Murphy

It would be one thing if Malloy stuck to the storm and its related matters.  But that would not be enough for someone with his political appetite.  Thus, he has to remind us that he is in constant conversation with Connecticut’s “congressional delegation.”  And he makes sure he offers kudos to Congressman Chris Murphy, numerous times.  He also goes to pains to have Murphy seated over his left

Gov. Malloy, Chris Murphy
Gov. Malloy, Chris Murphy

shoulder, during various storm strategy sessions.  It’s surprising he doesn’t have Murphy standing in Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman’s spot, alongside the podium Malloy occupies at the media briefings.

If you don’t know by now, Murphy is in the political battle of his life with Republican Linda McMahon for the U.S. Senate, and Malloy is going to do his part to jam politics down Connecticut voters’ throats, even during storm coverage.

Resume Reminder

Then there is Malloy’s constant reminders about how he has endured perhaps Connecticut’s “three most historic storms,” during his “short time” as governor.  (It only seems as if Malloy has been governor for 10 years.)  Repeatedly, in news conferences and interviews on the storm front, Malloy mentions this.  It makes one wonder if he is compiling footage to be used in his re-election campaign.

The point is, Malloy should stick to the storm, but his inner political animal will not allow it, leaving the people of Connecticut watching a campaign photo-op masquerading as a hurricane news conference.  Sad.

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