NBC News Anchor Brian Williams Shows True Colors

Brian Williams, the much too long anchor of NBC Nightly News, a.k.a. the Obama News Digest, once again showed his true left-leaning colors in his storm coverage of Hurricane Sandy.  Williams, a resident of New Canaan, CT, managed to say the following, during the hurricane:  “In this part of the country, those who do have TV are seeing attack ads from a woman named Linda McMahon who’s running for Senate up in Connecticut – airing like nothing had changed – juxtaposed against the damage, it’s just a very strange time,” said the anchor.

No Mention Of Other Candidates

Strangely, Williams mentioned just the McMahon ads, even though other candidates were also running political ads, during the storm coverage.  McMahon is a Republican.  Her opponent, Chris Murphy, is also running a myriad of ads, during the storm coverage.  For that matter, so is Democrat Elizabeth Esty, running for congress in Connecticut’s 5th District.  Nary a mention of this from Williams.  Only McMahon.

Anchors Should Deliver The News

If Williams wants to offer his opinion, he should become a columnist or a talk show host.  His comments, as the anchor of a major network’s newscast, are out of line.  However, what else should you expect from a network and anchor, who coddle President Barack Obama, with little, critical coverage of the administration?Brian Williams  In fact, Williams’ recent interview with the president, when he did not bring up the Benghazi attack, is more evidence of the network’s liberal presentation of the news.  Should we expect anything more from Williams, who once served as an intern in the administration of President Jimmy Carter?

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