Do You Honestly Think A Twice Arrested Democrat Is Going To Resign?

Connecticut State Rep. Christina Ayala has yet to take office and already she’s been arrested twice.  The Bridgeport resident was nabbed in a hit-and-run accident, and awaits trial on that charge.  Now she’s been arrested for slapping her boyfriend.  There’s even questions about whether she lives in the 128th District she is supposed to represent.  The Monday night arrest occurred at her residence, outside the district.

Politically Connected

Ayala showed up in court Tuesday, chewing gum, with her politically-connected mom by her side.  Sandi Ayala is the Democratic registrar of voters.  According to the Connecticut Post, Ayala was chewing gum, when she appeared before the judge, only stopping to answer “yes” to the judge’s question.

She’s Smart

The Connecticut Post reminds us Ayala is well credentialed.  She has a masters of education from the University of Bridgeport, speaks three languages and is a 29-year-old single mom with a six-year-old daughter.  But those two arrests even has the Post calling for her to resign, before she’s even sworn in to serve the people of the 128th.

Resign?  In Bridgeport?  Is the paper kidding?  Where’s the compassion?  Ayala has been dealt a bad card.  Under the heat of the campaign, she pressed the panic button after the accident and fled.  Now the pressures of taking office has led her to slap her boyfriend.  Have some pity.  Ayala deserves a chance to redeem herself.  Perhaps a little counseling and a reminder she shouldn’t be chewing gum before a judge and all will be well.  She might even want to confer with former Mayor Ganim.

Only Republicans are forced to resign, when they’re arrested.  Ayala?  These latest arrests added to her resume, should position her for a Senate run two years down the road.

Christina Ayala
Christina Ayala. CT Post 


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