Be Concerned About Longer School Days

I have my doubts about this experimental, longer school days plan, which takes effect in Connecticut next year.  East Hartford, Meriden and New London will serve as the laboratories for this ruse.  Connecticut is one of five states taking part in the program, inspired by the Obama administration.

How many more incubators must we have, when it comes to education?  To me, this is nothing more than a money grab. Budgets are tight or broke at every level of government, but the education Longer school daysbehemoth must be fed.  On the surface, you cannot keep going back to the public and asking for more money for education, so it will require imagination by the left.  Thus, this pilot, three-year program.

Here’s a prediction.  In the third year, the left will declare the program a success and institute it across the entire country. Of course, it will require major expenditures at all government levels, but who cares?  It’s for the kids and the country’s future.

Education is important, but this is not about education.  It’s about keeping the bureaucracy well fed and this is just the latest example.


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