During Tragedy, We Turned To Prayer

We are told the nation is turning more and more into a secular society.  Isn’t it interesting, then, that during one of our lowest moments, we turned to prayer.   Within hours of the news of the horrific crime in Newtown, prayer services were scheduled across the country.  Churches were packed.  The President of the United States, at an Interfaith service in Newtown, repeatedly quoted passages from the Bible and mentioned Jesus Christ on numerous times, during one of the most moving speech’s of his presidency.

Sign Outside Hardware Store and SNL

A sign posted outside of a hardware store in Torrington seemed to sum up the feelings of a nation: ‘Pray For Newtown.’  I am sure there are similar signs throughout the country.   The normally comedic Saturday Night Live, opened with a rendition of “Silent Night.”

No one can explain the tragedy of Newtown, no matter how thorough the investigation.  And Connecticut State Police and other investigators should be saluted for their thoroughness in this difficult probe.   But as Newtown is inexplicable, it’s just as easy to explain prayer and God.   Prayer is comforting.  Prayer is nurturing.  Prayer is meaningful.  Prayer helps to sooth that which cannot be explained.

In a nation, which seemed to be turning secular, prayer helped to restore its equilibrium.  A president hesitant to talk religion, invoked it liberally Sunday night.  How encouraging.  How hopeful.

This weekend, a nation united around prayer.  It’s power should never be underestimated.Carl's


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