Gun Control Right Up Blumenthal’s Alley

Connecticut U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal’s callDick Blumenthal for background checks on anyone purchasing ammunition is right up his alley.  The proposal is part of an overall gun control policy Blumenthal intends to announce.

Blumenthal’s first two years in the Senate have been nondescript.  He has been in search of an issue in which to sink his teeth.  Now with Joe Lieberman out of the way, Blumenthal becomes Connecticut’s senior senator.  That will give him some clout.  Combine that with the Newtown tragedy and the gun control measures Blumenthal has always advocated, and you have a spotlight on the national landscape Blumenthal so desperately craves.

When he was Connecticut Attorney General, the running gag was the most dangerous place in the state was between Dick Blumenthal and a camera.  With the gun control debate now front-and-center, it just might be the most dangerous place in the U.S. Senate, with Dick Blumenthal around.

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