AP Spins Jobless Claims Surge

People applying for unemployment benefits surged in the United States this week.  Leave it to the mainstream media, in this case the Associated Press, to spin the story.  While the media was heralding the last two weeks, when claims dropped 45,000 in the second and third weeks of January, they had to justify the surge this week.   We were told the government is having a difficult time calculating layoffs in the aftermath of the Christmas, oops, AP referred to it as the “holiday” season.  Then the AP went out of its way to find an economist to state, he and others weren’t concerned about the increase.  And we were reminded, even though the claims surged, it “remained at a level consistent with moderate hiring.”

Blah! Blah! Blah!  Here’s the reality.  The economy is not doing well.  Most jobs created pay minimum wage with no benefits, unless it’s a government job.  More and more people are going on food stamps and applying for disability.  But the mainstream media continues to ignore such facts, because the president is not named Bush.  Instead, we focus on other topics, anything to keep the focus off a sputtering economy, failing because of a president’s liberalassociated press policies.

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