I Don’t Believe The UConn/Courant Gun Control Poll

So let me get this straight.  Gun sales and gun permits are surging in Connecticut in the aftermath of the Newtown tragedy.  The turnout for the gun violence hearing at the Legislative Office Building was standing-room-only, with many people supportive of the Second Amendment.  Unfortunately, that story doesn’t fit the template of the left-wing Hartford Courant’s editorial department nor the university crowd, in this case the University of Connecticut.   Thus the latest UConn/Courant Poll, designed to advance the liberal agenda.

The poll numbers claim 64 percent want more gun control, compared to 28 percent who want current laws enforced and 5 percent who want less strict gun control laws.  64 percent?  With gun sales surging and Second Amendment supporters trying to save the U.S. Constitution?   I don’t believe it.

And, by the way, why do you think first term Connecticut congresswoman Elizabeth Esty is holding these “closed door” meetings throughout the 5th District?  Politicians, city leaders and teachers are invited.  Others are left out.  Could it be, she doesn’t want to deal with people, who believe in the Second Amendment in its entirety?

The left, of which Esty is a member, have always wanted to take away guns, and now they see the perfect vehicle.  However, they never expected the public outcry in support of constitutional rights.  So now they pounce, attempting to control public opinion with a poll that’s out of sight.  I don’t believe it, and any common sense thinking individual shouldn’t either.   courant

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