Memo To Malloy Administration: Suzio Was Right!

The latest numbers are out and Connecticut’s budget deficit is now in the red by $140 million.  And this is after the General Assembly was forced to close a $355 million deficit in a special session last December.   Of course, we were told this was not going to happen, after the largest tax hike in Connecticut history two years ago.

We conservatives know better.  Tax hikes do not lead to economic growth.  The usual excuses are being made.  Medicaid costs are higher than projected and revenues are lower than expected.  How about, a much rosier picture that was painted two years ago, when this budget first was presented?  How come nobody talks about that?

Actually, one person did, Sen. Len Suzio, R-Meriden.  Even, before the ink was dry, Suzio called the budget for what is was, a sham.  For that, he paid the price, as Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and hi Democrat cohortssuzio worked hard to get him defeated in November.  Suzio lost a narrow election, paying the price for telling the truth.

And speaking of the truth, with this latest dismal budget news, comes this quote from Malloy’s Undersecretary at the Office of Policy and Management Gian-Carl Casa, who said “We will not end the year with a deficit.”

The truth is, constitutionally Connecticut cannot end the year with a deficit.  However, this administration will continue to use budget gimmicks to avoid the real truth.


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