NRA Was Right, But Mainstream Media Won’t Report It

Remember in the aftermath of Newtown, when the NRA’s response included a recommendation that every school have a police officer or armed guard?   The mainstream media went “nuts,” screaming how could they make such a recommendation, in the wake of such a tragedy?

Guess what the Newtown Board of Education voted for on Thursday night?  The placement ofNRA cops in their four elementary schools, plus adding security officers.  And some parents say that’s not enough.  They want more.

North Branford has already added retired police officers to patrol their schools.  No where in these stories, is it reported the NRA was first to suggest this.   That’s because it doesn’t fit the liberal narrative of more gun-control.  However, remember the next time it’s suggested schools should have cops, the NRA recommended it first, and was taken to the woodshed by the left.

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