Those Damn Republicans. What The Courant, AP And Left Didn’t Tell You About January Jobless Numbers

Unemployment ticked up, in the latest numbers released by the federal government Friday, but you wouldn’t know it by following the mainstream media.  On the Hartford Courant website, earlier in the day, the newspaper linked to a Reuters story headlined “U.S. Economy Adds 157,000 jobs in January.”  By nightfall. the link was off the home page, losing out to more important issues, such as “Hartford: New England’s Tortilla Chip Capital.”    The administration’s protector in chief, the Associated Press, meanwhile, reported how sturdy the economy is, despite “Washington gridlock and the threat of government spending cuts.”   Those damn Republicans.

Here’s what the Courant, in particular, did not report:

  • The jobless rate jumped to 7.9%
  • 169.000 Americans left the labor force in January
  • 8,500,000 Americans left the labor force in Obama’s first term
  • As ObamaCare looms, retail workweek hits 3-year low

If the Courant eventually covers the above numbers, expect their usual spin,  blaming Bush and the right for this persistent economic slump.  There is, after all, an agenda to protect.  Now hand over the chips and salsa.jobless

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