Now Democrats Want ‘Snowbird’ Tax. Is Connecticut Next?

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton, a Democrat, wants to institute a ‘snowbird’ tax on residents who flee the state for the winter.  Why should somebody escape Minnesota for warmer climes, six months and one-day out of the year, and then return to take advantage of “all the state has to offer for five months and 29 days,” said Dayton, who adds it’s unfair people avoid paying a state income tax, by leaving the state for part of the year.

Dayton’s plan calls for taxing capital gains and dividends and income from stocks and bonds on anyone, who lives 60 days to just under six months in Minnesota.   Such a tax, which Minnesota Senate Minority Leader David Hann called “unconstitutional,” would hit senior citizens, who flee the winter for Florida and Arizona, the hardest.

Meanwhile, Florida Republican congressman Trey Radel is having a field day, urging Minnesotans to move to “the Sunshine State.”   He even wrote the governor, explaining that a “snowbird tax” would give Florida another chance to shine in comparison to Minnesota.

My concern?  Anytime there’s talk of a new tax, ears in deep blue Connecticut perk up, as the left searches for “more revenue streams” to feed the underbelly of their failed, liberal agenda.   Keep an eye on this one.   A Minnesota ‘snowbird tax” today could be Connecticut’s “snowbird tax” tomorrow.florida beaches

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