Ahhhh! Your Tax Dollars Buy iPads For Students

“No more books to carry home,” the headline read at the top of the story.  On the jump page was another headline: “230 iPads purchased with $46,000 federal grant.”

The story, which appeared in the Republican-American newspaper, heralded the arrival of iPads for students at the Gilbert School in Winsted.  The school, itself, has a unique set up in that it is considered semi-private.  The town pays Gilbert so much per student to serve as the district’s high school.   The story also reported the iPads were bought with a federal grant.  Students offered quotes about the iPad, such as “It’s pretty amazing,” or it “feels natural.”

It really is “pretty amazing.”  A nation in debt up to its neck, is buying iPads for students to use.  Where, exactly, did the founding fathers put that clause in the constitution?  Oh, I guess I can look it up on the iPad.

I am sure the do-good crowd will tell us, “we had to buy the iPads,  it was a federal grant?”  Well, who is the federal government, dummy?  We are!

We’ll also be reminded how in the long run, this will save us money, because the district will not have to purchase updated text books.  Please!  Education always wants the latest and greatest, underwritten by taxpayers’ dollars.  Besides, today’s iPad, especially carted around by high school students, is tomorrow’s electronic gadget discard.

Look, I love the iPad, though I don’t own one.  But that is not the point.  A government should not be buying iPads for students, no matter how “pretty amazing” it may be.iPad


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