Welcome To Deep Blue Connecticut

Cash-strapped Connecticut is continuing its push for universal preschool.  When Gov. Dannel P. Malloy proposes his new two-year budget on Wednesday, it will include the call for a new state agency.  The Office of Early Childhood, will initially cost $243 million in the first year and $306 million in the second year.  In other words, more than a half-billion dollars. We are told the agency is designed to nurture and educate children to age 5.

When the governor made his announcement on Monday, he was naturally surrounded by children.  Child advocates were also in attendance.  In fact, those groups offered input and strongly suggested the new agency be created. Everyone was all smiles.

The current set-up, we are told, is too cumbersome, confusing and very difficult to navigate for parents.  And we are reminded, the net cost to taxpayers will only be $370,000 for new administrative staff.  That’s because the new agency will absorb duties of the other agencies.   Maggie Adair, executive director of the Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance, even said the governor’s plan will make “state government’s role more efficient and effective.”  Stop me, if you haven’t heard that line before.

More likely than not, with a Democratic-controlled General Assembly, Malloy will get his new agency, even with a state swimming in debt.  By next year, Malloy will label the agency a “success,” while stating in the next breath, “we need to do more.”

In a few years, Malloy will be long gone from the Connecticut political scene, leaving the rest of the state taxpayers to pick up the residue of another failed, liberal experiment.  That, of course, will lead to the proposal for another, new government agency that will be “more efficiGov. Malloyent and effective.”   Welcome to deep blue Connecticut!

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