The Blame Game. DeLauro Faults GOP For No Saturday Mail Delivery

Got a problem?  Blame the Republicans.  Taxes going up?  Blame the Republicans.  Paycheck smaller?  Blame the Republicans.

The blame the Republican game is reaching new heights.  When the U.S. Postal Service announced plans this week to end Saturday mail delivery, the logical response was – a changing world.  More people are using email and smartphones.  More people are paying bills and buying goods via the Internet.  The volume is just not there and the USPS is bleeding like a stuck pig.  Even the USPS big wigs admitted technology is forcing it to readjust.  Thus, the proper step to eliminate Saturday first-class mail delivery, at an annual savings of $2 billion.

Such logic was not good enough for liberal U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro,D-New Haven.  Her response to the USPS announcement?  Blame the Republicans.  It seems, then Sen. Joseph Lieberman had pushed a bill through the Senate last year, which would have bought the USPS sometime.   DeLauro said, “Republicans in the House of Representatives were too busy posturing to take it up.

“We must stop lurching from crisis to crisis,” DeLauro said. “It is time for Congress to act and put the postal service on the path to financial solvency.”

Say what?  The Lieberman bill was just that, delaying the inevitable and continuing the postal lurch from “crisis to crisis.”  In reality, the Congress did not have to act, as the USPS reached the conclusion that saving $2 billion per year would put it “on the path to financial solvency.”

The fact is, the taxpayers have backed the USPS enough.  Finally, the postal service makes a sound, financial decision and DeLauro views it as an opportunity to blame the Republicans.  It’s a wonder Rosa hasn’t blamed the Republicans for the impending snowstorm about to lambaste her district.  But there is still time.  The first snowflake has yet to fall.rosadelauro

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