Turbine Maker Closes. Owner Blames Government

Another green energy company has gone belly up.  This time in Torrington, Connecticut.  Optiwind announced on Friday it is laying off 22 people out of the 30 on its workforce.  The remaining eight will be let go, after winding down the company’s operations.

Optiwind opened in 2007 and manufactured a unique wind turbine to provide power to individual buildings in areas where there was low wind velocity.  The concept never caught on.  Who to blame?  This time the government.

David N. Hurwitt, Vice President of Marketing for Optiwind, told the Republican-American newspaper, “The federal subsidy for wind energy was actually allowed to expire.  They abandoned the wind sector.  It’s difficult to get investors…when the federal government doesn’t support you over the long term.”

Memo to Mr. Hurwitt.   Why should the taxpayers be underwriting your business?  That is the problem with this country.  We have to many Solyndras and Optiwind is apparently another one.

An innovation should be good enough to stand on its own.  Instead, government keeps throwing taxpayers’ money at failed experiments, as we sink deeper and deeper into debt.

Here’s a concept: government should stop giving the private sector money.   It should also reduce regulations and cut taxes.  This will spur innovation and spare taxpayers’ money.wind turbine

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