Republicans Drop The Ball Again On New Media

President Barack Obama conducted another Google+ Fireside Hangout on Thursday.  Once again, the president had the chance to get out his message and answer questions the way he wanted to.  There was no cross-examination.  Heck, the president even admitted the Benghazi issue is over and all questions have been answered.  That last comment really got the Republican’s dander up.   Except, where were the Republicans?

When it comes to the new media, such as Google+ and the like, Obama and the Democrats still have a decisive edge.  They know how to exploit the new media and the younger demographic that seems to be associated with it.  If the Republicans are to get out their message, they need to start employing more of the new media.

To wit, when Obama advertised he was going to conduct a Google+ hangout, the Republicans should have held one of their own, that is, if they know about Google+.  Heck, they could have even joined the president’s hangout and chimed in.  That would have made for great Internet TV.  Imagine, for example, if Marco Rubio was part of the hangout, or held one of his own, water bottle and all?  Such a move, would have enabled the Republicans to be part of the story, instead allowing the president to once again dominate the new media.

The GOP missed anotherPresident Obama chance to get out their message with the new media and younger voters.  Google+ for Barack Obama, turned out to be Google- for the Republican Party.

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