Dannel 88’s budget a failure?

Lost in Tuesday’s announcement that Governor Dannel P. Malloy is cutting the state budget another $135M is that his plan is not working.  Christopher Keating in the Hartford Courant: “As tax collections have remained weak, the budget cuts have continued to be necesary.”

How could this be?  We were told the largest tax hikes in state history, combined with concessions made with state unions would place the budget in balance.  In fact, Dannel 88’s minions reminded us the non-partisan Office of Fiscal Analysis was wrong to say some $600M in savings was unaccounted for.

Now, Malloy is invoking budget “cuts” we were told were unnecessary, if the state unions agreed to his concessions package.  He has also left on the table, proposed fare hikes for Metro-North and Connecticut transit buses.

The voice in the wilderness, state Sen. Len Suzio R-Meriden, told us, even before the budget was approved, it was out of balance and would collapse under its own weight.  Who knew his prediction would come true, just two months into the new fiscal year.

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