Virginia Backs Voter Photo ID. Don’t Expect Connecticut To Follow

A Quinnipiac University poll shows Virginia residents back a photo ID as a requirement to vote on Election Day in overwhelming numbers.  Seventy-five percent of voters should be required to bring a photo ID to the polls, according to the Virginia respondents.

Liberals do not support photo ID requirements to vote, but many Conservatives do.  However, the Virginia poll numbers belie the liberal stance on the issue.  Ninety-five percent of Republicans support photo ID.  No surprise there.  But 57 percent of Democrats and 66 percent of blacks also support photo ID.  Those numbers don’t align with what the administration and main stream media tell us.

On Thursday, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, D,  recommended comprehensive background checksdrivers license be conducted before anyone purchases a gun in Connecticut.  He recently stated to the Journal Inquirer of Manchester: “None of us could get on a plane without someone comparing our name to a database that sets off alarms or doesn’t,” he said. “None of us could get on a plane, but any one of us could go buy guns, and that very same system or something like it doesn’t apply.”

A photo ID is also required when getting on a plane, but it is not required to vote.  A photo ID is required to purchase a pack of cigarettes in Connecticut, but it is not required to vote.

Per usual, the left likes to turn the photo ID issue into a racial one.  The Virginia poll proves otherwise.  It’s time the left end the politicization of photo IDs.  It’s time a photo ID be required, when a voter casts a ballot.  Methinks Malloy won’t be pushing that issue, anytime soon.

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