TaxConnecticut: We Need Tax Hikes To Save The Salamanders

Liberals have never seen a tax hike they didn’t like, and so it is with the Connecticut General Assembly, dominated by the left for far too long.  But even they know their governor’s new budget proposal does not add up.  How to solve the dilemma?   Put the tax hike onus on the Democrats in the General Assembly instead of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

And so it is that several tax hikes are on the table, all proposed by Democrats:

  • Raise the cigarette tax 95 cents per pack
  • Boost the state income tax’s highest marginal rate, always a tried and true liberal proposal
  • Tax corporations more with a “combined reporting” approach
  • Hoarder’s tax.  Tax corporations that keep too much liquid assets in banks
  • Increase sales tax on food served in restaurants
  • Install red light cameras to add fines
  • Add tolls to Connecticut highways

And that’s just the beginning.  There are fee hikes, maintaining taxes that are set to come off the books,salamander and more.

We are told times are tough and that this will be a bare bones budget.  Sure?   Is spending taxpayers’ money to study the movements of worms, turtles and the northern slimy salamander along Route 7 in Brookfield representative of a bare bones budget?  I don’t think so.  But the liberals do, and unless the population awakens, all that will be left in TaxConnecticut, will be the left, the poor and worms, turtles and that northern slimy salamander.

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