Dear Mr. Murdoch, Save Us! Please Buy The Hartford Courant!

Dear Mr. Murdoch,

Word is, Connecticut’s largest newspaper, the left-wing Hartford Courant, is up for sale.  It’s been reported the  paper’s parent owner, the Tribune Co., has hired two investment banks to examine offers that have been made for its newspaper holdings.  I am hoping one of those offers is from you, Mr. Head Honcho at News Corporation.  You can afford it.  Your reported worth is $8.3 billion.  Far be it from me to take the liberal approach and mandate how your money should be spent, but this conservative is imploring you to save us, here in deep blue Connecticut.   Heck, you might even turn the falling newspaper revenues around, by giving the Courant a conservative tilt.

Your News Corp. counts Fox News, The New York Post, the Wall St. Journal and the Cape Cod Times among its holdings.   That’s right.  You bought the Cape Cod Times, based in left-leaning Hyannis, MA, home of the Kennedy’s.   Since your company assumed ownership of that paper, it has not – as some predicted- taken a decided turn to the right, but it has brought more balance to its coverage.

That’s all I’m asking, Mr. Murdoch, when you buy, oops, if  you buy the Hartford Courant.  Balance.  Right now, the Courant tilts so far too the left, I swear it’s about to slide into the Pacific Ocean, which isn’t a bad alternative, compared to the daily, liberal pablum it churns out.

I know newspaper readership is down, but to those of us who still read the hard copy or go on line, the Courant’s daily dose of news coverage, compared to what is really happening in the world, is so stark, it makes a conservative like me frustrated.  I wonder why I read the darn thing.  At least I don’t pay for it, and won’t, when they start charging on line, unless you buy it.

I can list example after example about how bias their coverage is, but permit me to give you a few, Mr. Murdoch.  We all know about the tragedy in Newtown, but the paper has used this horrific event as a vehicle to push its left-wing agenda, which is to ultimately outlaw the Second Amendment.  They run story after story, about gun control proposals, yet, when other outlets were reporting that states were luring Connecticut gun manufacturers, nary a word.  Only when Gov. Malloy’s administration was sitting down with the gun makers, did the paper choose to write about the story, and then only to give it a sympathetic slant toward the administration.

When Vice President Joe Biden told a group the other day, “Americans are no longer worried about our economy,”  not a word in the Courant.  With gasoline prices the highest they have ever been in February, unemployment high, job creation mostly paying minimum wage, can you imagine if Dick Cheney made such a comment in the Bush years?  The Courant would have been out with SCREAMING HEADLINES and a poll question to follow.

Then there is former Connecticut Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele, who announced his candidacy for mayor of Stamford.  Fedele’s crime is he is a Republican, not a good thing, if the Courant is providing coverage.   The ink on his campaign announcement wasn’t even dry and they were at work, figuring out ways to make him seem “extreme.”  Sure enough, they were able to manufacture one.   They came up with some stretch, that word of a Fedele candidacy had appeared on a Rush Limbaugh Facebook fan page.   Mind you, not Rush Limbaugh’s Facebook page, but a fan’s page.   Not that there is anything wrong or even extreme with Rush Limbaugh.  We need more Limbaughs, just as we need you to buy the Hartford Courant.  But they know, any chance to tie Limbaugh to a Republican candidate, serves as a means to motivate the left, even when it involves the Stamford, Connecticut mayoral race.

I could go on and on, Mr. Murdoch.  Suffice it to say, we have had 30 years of the left’s policy and its house organ, the state’s largest newspaper, calling the shots in Connecticut.  And what has it gotten us?  Net zero job growth for more than 20 years, thanks to the state income tax – which the Courant supported – business and residents taxed to death, growing deficits, crumbling infrastructure, mindless transportation projects,  businesses fleeing, dwindling population growth, and talk of more regulation and more taxes.  Not to mention taking guns away from law abiding citizens.

Even in the new age media, the state’s largest newspaper still carries a voice.  Therefore, Mr. Murdoch, I implore you to buy the Hartford Courant.   Please?  Act now!    You may be the last, best hopHartford Courante we have, to turn a once great state around.


Warmest regards,

Dan Lovallo

Conservative Talk Show Host


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