Now The Left Wants To Inspect Your Trees

It never ends with these people.  Now the left wants to inspect your trees.  In the Charter Oak State, no less.  George “I cannot tell a lie” Washington must be rolling over in his grave.  Imagine what would have really happened to him, if he was caught chopping down that cherry tree?

Don’t laugh.  This is serious stuff.  While Connecticut’s economy continues to travel in reverse, taxes rise, hospitals get squeezed and law abiding gun owners see their Second Amendment rights dwindle, the Connecticut General Assembly’s Judiciary Committee is conducting hearings on two bills that would target a property owner’s trees.  I am not making this up!

Senate Bill 987 would mandate that each property owner visually inspect every tree and tree limb on his or her property to determine if said tree is “unhealthy or potentially dangerous.” And it gets better.  A property owner could also receive a certified letter mandating that a tree deemed dangerous or diseased be taken care of or else!

House Bill 6487 would mandate that if a tree or tree limb falls on another owner’s property, the owner from where the tree limb grew, would be responsible for the clean up.  Of course, non-profits would be exempt from the law.

Why stop with trees?  Why not pass laws, mandating the specific height of grass?  Or the particular color of a house?

The fact is, municipalities have ordinances that cover the above.  Being a property owner requires responsibility and most property owners are responsible.

State government has no business being involved in these areas.  However, no issue is too small for deep blue Connecticut.   charter oak



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