The Day I Interviewed Yogi Berra

Yogi Berra turns 88 this year.  His retired uniform number is “8.”  There seems to be a synergy of some sorts with “8” and “88.”  He has been quoted by politicians, been a best selling author, happened to play in more World Series games than any player in major league baseball history – 75 games with the New York Yankees – managed both the Yankees and Mets, and, oh yeah, happens to be in the Hall of Fame.

His neighbor, growing up in St. Louis, and pal Joe Garagiola, who recently announced his retirement as a baseball broadcaster, said recently, Yogi, like himself, has moved into a retirement community.  “There’s a lot of old people living around here,” Berra told Garagiola.  Yogi admits to having said most of the things, they claim he has said.

For the first time in years, Berra is not going to spring training with the New York Yankees.  Age is beginning to slow Yogi down.

Berra was my favorite baseball player, when I was growing up in Torrington, Connecticut.  On New Year’s Day, 1998, I had the good fortune to interview Yogi on the radio.  I was told, he was not the most talkative person, but Yogi, 72, certainly had plenty to talk about that day.  Click on the icon, below, and hopefully, you’ll gain as much enjoyment, listening to the interview, as I enjoyed interviewing Yogi, on a day that seems so long ago.   Just remember, the interview isn’t over, until it’s over.  Yogi Berra

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