Murphy Continues Campaign To Demonize NRA

Connecticut first-term U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy continues his assault on the National Rifle Association.  The liberal Democrat is now demanding that NASCAR back out of its deal with the NRA over sponsorship of the April 13 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Texas Motor Speedway.  In a letter he wrote to Brian France, NASCAR CEO, he not only demanded that the NRA be given the boot, but that NASCAR has “crossed the line” in accepting NRA money, thus thrusting itself into the middle of a political debate over Newtown.

In the left’s mind – and Murphy personifies the left – the NRA caused the shooting at Sandy Hook.  In Murphy’s mind, the Second Amendment should be eliminated, because only Murphy and the ruling class know what’s right for America.   In Murphy’s mind, NASCAR exemplified a lot of gall, by exercising its First Amendment rights in taking NRA money.  Murphy and the left, would rather the NRA, and all other groups that demand observance of the United States Constitution,Texas Motor Speedwau just disappear.  These entities that constantly insist that the nation play by the rule book are just getting in the way of implementing the left’s socialist agenda.

The hope is, much like President Obama overplayed his card on sequestration, Sen. Murphy has overplayed his on this one.  Perhaps, such outlandish politicking will serve as a wake up call to an electorate to start voting for real leaders and not those who pander to a tired an worn out ideology, whose goal is to demonize all that hinders its agenda.

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