Gun Manufacturers Should Move Out Of Connecticut

ColtAs Connecticut lawmakers, led by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, attempt to make already strict gun control stricter in the aftermath of Newtown, state-based gun makers are threatening to move out of the state.  I hope they do.

The hypocrisy that is the Malloy administration continues to be on full display on this hot button issue.  Malloy pretends to be a pro business Democrat, yet doesn’t seem concerned if gun makers decide to leave.  He says he’s reaching out to them, but would he offer any of them a “bribe” to stay, with his corporate welfare “First Five” program?  Furthermore, he has no problems if Connecticut outlaws the semiautomatic weapons that are manufactured in the state. He said the guns made but outlawed in Connecticut, could be sold in other states.

“I don’t think it is hypocrisy.  These products can be sold in other states, and so we don’t want to limit the ability of manufacturers that have long histories in this state to continue in this state,” Malloy is quoted in the Republican-American.

That Malloy doesn’t see the hypocrisy is not surprising.   This is a governor who refused to allow taxes scheduled to sunset to be eliminated in his proposed budget, then announced his budget contained no new taxes.  This is a governor, who as candidate Dan Malloy promised budgets without “gimmicks” used by his predecessors, then produced budgets filled with them.   This is a governor, who as candidate Dan Malloy, stated tax hikes would only be a last resort mechanism, then in his first move, proposed the largest tax hike in Connecticut history.

Now, he wants to outlaw most weapons made in the state, but doesn’t have a problem if those gun makers sell them to other states?  Per usual, this governor is trying to have it both ways.  It’s time business in Connecticut stand up and say enough!  The first statement could be made by picking up and leaving  Connecticut, if many of the weapons they make, are outlawed.  There would be nothing hypocritical about that.

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