Connecticut Media Purposely Ignoring Pro Second Amendment Events

They jammed the Aqua Turf Club in Southington, Connecticut Friday night.  In fact, a record crowd of 1,330 people attended the 21st Annual Nutmeg FriendsNRA of the National Rifle Association banquet.  Outside of the Republican American newspaper and my website, good luck trying to find a story about the event.  These days, pro Second Amendment stories do not fit the media template.  Get 50 people at a rally in support of some leftist cause and it’s sure to attract electronic and print media.  Jam an NRA event, and better to focus on the latest shooting in New Haven.  It certainly makes for a better story than the Nutmeg Friends event and all the good that group does.  And believe me, they do a lot of good, including educating our young children on the responsibility of gun ownership.

The media doesn’t want you to know that, though.  These days, it’s all gun control, all the time.  “Report” on the large turnout of advocates of stricter gun control, but when thousands turn out to support the Second Amendment, be sure to question the crowd estimates, report the poll numbers and do everything possible to turn the attention away from the tens of thousands of law abiding, gun owners in Connecticut, who believe their Second Amendment rights are being taken away from them.

Friday would have been the perfect day for the media to show some balance.  There were stories everywhere about how Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s Newtown commission has proposed banning the sale and ownership of all semi-automatic weapons in Connecticut, including those currently owned by lawful citizens.  It would have made perfect sense to follow up the story with reaction at the NRA-associated event.  That would have brought the story into balance.  But these days, the media is not about equilibrium.  It is about promoting an agenda.

In the year 2013, the left’s agenda is to ban all guns, disguising its goal around that terrible day in Newtown.  And with their willing accomplices in the media, this minority will succeed, unless the public awakens.  Otherwise, the law abiding citizen will be the only one left without firearms.

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