Why Go For The Tonight Show, When You’ve Got Jerry Springer?

Connecticut Gov.Dannel P. Malloy is known for throwing millions of dollars of taxpayers money into the state’s corporate welfare pot.  It’s all in the name of attempting to attract jobs.  He’s even infatuated with television, giving millions to ESPN to stay in Connecticut – even though it wasn’t moving – and millions to lure NBC Sports to Connecticut.  How, then, did the governor miss this one?

The New York Daily News is reporting that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has included in his budget, a tax credit for NBC, that would lure “The Tonight Show” back to New York.  When the show began in 1954 under Steve Allen, up until 1972, with Johnny Carson as host, “The Tonight Show” was televised in New York.  Carson would spend a week or two a year, in Burbank, CA, outside of Hollywood, to televise the show and eventually “Tonight” moved out west.  Now with rumors circulating that current host Jay Leno will be dumped next year in favor of Jimmy Fallon, Cuomo is doing everything in his power to lure the show back to New York.

There’s nothing like a tax credit to do the trick.  That’s why one has to wonder, why the king of tax credits, Gov. Malloy, has missed the boat on this one?  Maybe there’s still time.

I can hear it now…”Live from Stamford…”  Isn’t that where most of Malloy’s tax credit enticements end up?

On second thought, when your state is the backdrop for the “upstanding” Jerry Springer ShowCarnac The Magnificent, who needs Tonight?

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