Connecticut General Assembly Needs Wake Up Call

The Connecticut General Assembly, namely the liberals who run the show in Hartford, need a wake up call.  Sen. Clark Chapin, R-30th District, said on my radio show, that more than likely the General Assembly and the Malloy administration will not have a budget in place by June 5, when the Assembly adjourns.  Furthermore, he states there’s a chance a budget won’t be decided by July 1, when the new fiscal year begins.   This is unacceptable.

A couple of years ago, it used to cost taxpayers $10,000 per day, for every special session of the General Assembly.  It may be more now.

Connecticut’s budget situation has been a mess for two years, since the Malloy administration took over.  Rosier than expected projections have left the budget in debt.  Gimmicks imposed by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, something he promised would not happen as candidate Malloy, still have the spending plan in the red.

The legislature has spent far too much time on gun control.  We all understand the tragedy in Newtown, but these days it’s gun control all the time in Hartford.  With more than two months to go before the Assembly adjourns, it’s time the focus turn to Connecticut’s underpinnings, the all important state budget.  Yet, there seems to be no urgency on the part of the majority party.  Perhaps because dealing with the state budget means dealing with the truth.  Every Democrat, and every Republican for that matter, knows Malloy’s budget is unrealistic.  In the meantime, the governor has managed to anger hospitals, municipalities and other groups with his unrealistic plan.  Besides, Democrats want tax hikes to keep their pet projects in place and Malloy’s budget does not include any – though he allows taxes scheduled to sunset to remain on the books.

That does not absolve the majority party from moving on the budget now.  However, Sen. Clark Chapin

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