Massachusetts Governor Says Tax Hike Not Enough

Only in liberal Massachusetts could a governor threaten to veto a proposed, huge tax hike, because it does not go far enough.  That’s right!  “Tax It All” Deval Patrick, second-term governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, says he will veto a $500 million tax hike proposed by the legislature, claiming it is a short-term fix.

Patrick insists the tax hike “raises taxes on everyone.”  His proposal?  A $1.9 billion income tax hike.   The money would be used for the usual pet, left-wing projects: mass transit, early childhood education, education in general and lowering the cost of college education.

Have you noticed, by the way, all the efforts to lower the cost of a college education, never lower the cost of a college education?

The governor is predicting the usual doom-and-gloom, if the half-billion dollar tax hike were to become a reality:  potholes on the highways, a less-than-bright future for the kids, yada, yada, yada.

Mind you, I don’t feel sorry for this crowd.  Massachusetts voters, like Connecticut’s, have chosen to freeze out the Republican Party by establishing a voter dichotomy that pits the suburbs against the cities.  The cities usually win, with the fiscal conservatives the losers.  The end result?  Now we have a situation where the tax-and-spend crowd is arguing among itself, that proposed massive tax hikes are not enough.  They need to go Deval Patrickeven higher.

Perhaps there is a reason Massachusetts is really known as “Taxachusetts,”

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