Connecticut Passed Gun Law Not Knowing Full Price Tag

As usual, Connecticut lawmakers jumped on legislation without knowing the full cost to taxpayers.  This is what passes for leadership in 2013.  This time, it was the new gun law passed by the Connecticut General Assembly and heralded by President Barack Obama and liberals everywhere.  Never mind that it is a major infringement on our Second Amendment rights.  Never mind that the stricter gun laws will do nothing to prevent another Sandy Hook.  These days legislation is all about emotion, especially with the liberals in charge.  It is always, pass the law and figure out how to pay for it later.

And so it is with Connecticut’s new gun law, expected to cost taxpayers millions of dollars.   The Department of Corrections, alone, is expected to need another $25 million annually.  So figure $50 million.   Then there is the school security issue.  The new law gives the approval to start a “competitive grants” program to improve school safety.  That translates to an additional $15 million.  Of course, every school will want to join in the action, so double that figure too.  We’re going to bond that money, which is a fancy name for putting the cost on Connecticut’s ever-dwindling credit card.

The cost of government continues to rise, because lawmakers not only act out of emotion, but view these issues as as a backdoor way of  taxing the people.  Who doesn’t want safer schools?  Who doesn’t want lawbreakers in prison?  It doesn’t matter that most of our schools are safe or that liberals are giving inmates  “get out of jail” cards or that the Newtown tragedy is being used as a pawn by lawmakers and our president.   A state already taxed to death sees another opportunity to tax even more.

Sept. 11 led to the debacle that is Homeland Security, which has cost taxpayers billions of dollars, while leading to more bloated government.  Sadly, Newtown will do the same, without doing anything to prevent money baganother tragedy.

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