Texas Governor Is Right To Court Connecticut Gun Manufacturer

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has wasted little time, jumping on the chance to lure Connecticut gun maker PTR Industries to the Lone Star State.   I say, right on!

PTR Industries announced it is moving out of Connecticut, because of recent gun control legislation that bans many of the weapons it manufacturers.  It is urging other state-based gun makers to do the same.  Perry invited PTR to his state.  I hope they move there.

As I have written before, all the Connecticut gun makers should follow suit and leave.

Of course, Connecticut’s Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, downplays the PTR move.  In yet another myopic statement, the governor told reporters the other day, the Connecticut gun industry is not what it used to be.  As usual, a foolish statement.

It is estimated that 9,000 jobs are directly or indirectly connected to jobs in Connecticut.  They should all send a message and leave.

No doubt, that won’t disturb Dannel 88.  He will claim he inherited this mess, dole out more “First Five Initiative” money, and remind us what a great governor he is.  Perry, meanwhile, will provide the real reminder, of how a business-friendly state actuallyRick Perry works.

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