Gun Control Issue Perfect Diversion From Failed Economy

First, this should not take anything away from the tragedy in Newtown.  But I always believed the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was not a gun control issue.   Apparently most Americans agree.

According to a new Gallup Poll, only 4% of Americans view guns and gun control as the most important issue facing these United States.  The economy is the number one issue.  Jobs, unemployment, the federal debt and how are politicians are leading, follow.   However, gun control is a major issue among the left and its cohorts in the main stream media.  This is why we are constantly pounded with the issue by the media in the USA and Connecticut.

Another Gallup Poll finds Americans’ confidence in the economy slipping. U.S. Capitol

Gun control is especially convenient for Connecticut U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal and Christopher Murphy.  By constantly reminding us of this “priority,” it provides the perfect diversion from the promises they made as candidates to improve the economy.  Not that that their liberal policies would have helped.   The point is, the gun control issue provides them the perfect cover.

Newtown should never be a diversion.  But Blumenthal, Murphy and the liberal crowd, have found the perfect agenda item to divert attention from a crumbling economy.

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