Blumenthal And Murphy Not Giving Up On More Gun Control

Richard Blumenthal
Richard Blumenthal

Even though Connecticut U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy suffered a major defeat, when gun control legislation was rejected by the Senate, the two joined-at-the-hip senators are not giving up.  The pair said Friday they will lobby senators who were close to voting for the measure.  The bill would have mandated background checks and Internet gun sales within a state’s borders.

Both Connecticut senators insist some of the senators who voted against the bill are receiving backlash from voters.  I ask them, which senators?  And what backlash?  The bill went down to defeat, falling four votes of the 60 it needed to advance, because of Democratic senators.  Blumenthal and Murphy are quick to allege some of these senators fell victim to the NRA lobby.  Could it be, however, that they were representing the position of the majority of the constituents in the states they represent?

Democratic party senators from Montana and West Virginia, who voted against more gun control, represent rural states, where people still believe in the U.S. Constitution, including the Second Amendment.  Thankfully, not all of the country is representative of deep, blue Connecticut.  Unfortunately, Blumenthal and Murphy don’t understand that.  They still perceive gun control legislation as a major issue, even though a recent Gallup Poll found only 4 percent of Americans consider it as such.

I will repeat what I wrote earlier.  Newtown was a tragedy that would not have been prevented with more gun control legislation.  However, for Blumenthal and Murphy, gun control continues to provide the perfect issue to divert attention from failed economic policies that both senators advocate.

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