Law Passed, But Connecticut Gun Makers And Gun Shops Have To Wait For Answers

Typical overreaching by government is once again on display in Connecticut.  Earlier this month, the Connecticut General Assembly passed unneeded gun control legislation in the wake of Newtown.  Gov. Dannel P. Malloy signed the bill amid much hoopla, on the eve of a visit by President Barack Obama to the Nutmeg State.  So now the bill is law, much of its regulations going into effect before the ink on Malloy’s signature was dry, yet the gun makers and gun shop owners in the state still cannot get answers on how the law will work.

Amazing? Yes.

Typical of government?  Yes, again.

The parties, which are effected most by this law, have been told that they can expect some answers by June 1.  But that is not a hard and fast deadline.  So expect August 1.  Or maybe September 1.   But if there is a violation, expect immediate action.

Connecticut government, much like the nation’s, has become too bloated.  This gun control bill is Connecticut capitolthe latest example.  Just don’t expect government to do anything about it.  Their inflated egos tells us we cannot get along without them.

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