How Soon Will Connecticut Deliver Free Condoms To 12-Year-Olds?

What do Connecticut and California have in common?  Well, it’s not palm trees.  But both states are deep blue, and when it comes to government policy, if history is any indication, what happens in California usually follows in Connecticut.  Thus the question must be asked, how soon before Connecticut taxpayers start paying for “free” condoms to be delivered to 12-year-olds?   Outlandish, you say? It will never happen, you surmise?  Think again.

California taxpayers are now paying for free condoms to be shipped to 12-year-olds.  That’s right, free condoms, shipped right to their door.  The reason, we are told, is to reduce the rate of sexually transmitted diseases.

Guaranteed, liberal lawmakers in Connecticut have already heard of the new policy, and if they haven’t they will.   Guaranteed, these same lawmakers are already formulating plans to institute a similar policy in Connecticut.  It may be too late for this legislative session, but don’t count out next year, or the year after, if the General Assembly believes its too sensitive an issue to raise in an election year.   But it will happen, if the Federal government doesn’t step in, to make the policy nationwide.  Bank on it.Calif palm trees

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