Bridgeport Makes Top 10, But Hartford Gets The Busway

You have to love the USA Today story about the Top 10 worst traffic areas in the United States.  Bridgeport comes in at number 6, while Hartford is nowhere to be found.  Yet, who got the taxpayer funded busway?  You guessed it, Hartford.

The project, which could cost taxpayers $1 billion, when all is said and done, plus create another government bureaucracy, was pitched to the gullible public as a way to relieve traffic congestion in greater Hartford.  The reality was, it was a payoff to unions to give them work, plus a gift to Hartford and New Britain.

Connecticut needs major infrastructure improvements.  Think what $1 billion would have done to bring about such change?  Instead, it was wasted on a busway project the majority of the public does not want.

When the busway project is completed, however, we will be told what a success it is.  Government never advertises its failures, instead masking them as successes,

Busway groundbreaking
Busway groundbreaking

with maybe some tweeking required.  Of course, taxpayers are left holding the bag.   The Hartford-to-New Britain busway project is just the latest fiasco.  More are sure to follow.  Meanwhile, Bridgeport makes the Top 10 in real traffic congestion, but why let bumper-to-bumper traffic get in the way of another government handout.

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